What value does Remedia Security bring to management consulting, with focus on the Defense Industrial Base? 

We understand your organization may have recognized the Defense Industrial Base’s recent trend towards consolidation and winning federal contracts to achieve business objectives starts with a confident self-certification of CMMC Level 1 requirements. Does your story end with self-certification? Could your organization distinguish itself in a buyer’s market, and reduce the DoD-recognized risk of consolidation? 

The trend towards consolidation in the Defense Industrial Base means small businesses are at risk of not being able to compete. Small businesses are uniquely positioned to use their organizationally unique security behaviors to distinguish their brands. We collaborate both candidly and authentically with decision-makers. Leadership can trust our experience, professionalism, and adaptability to help create clear transformation objectives where current security culture may require adjustment. We ignite with precision to deliver optimal risk-based results, and we obsess about our human-centric approach to developing sustainable operations. We believe that if you “stay ready,” you never have to “get ready.” 

“We don’t need another checklist.” We hear you. There may be little up-front benefit to generating (yet another) security and compliance “hit list” to be handed off to the IT Department. Checklists without the proper business alignment cannot create transformative and sustainable behaviors. We engage with your organization to establish “Focused” CMMC Level 2 behaviors with sufficient retention to clearly demonstrate CMMC protection requirements. 

“We can make a well-timed technology purchase.” We agree the use of technology is a critical business tool, and we stand ready to synchronize the rhythm of your business to understand your current security successes and, from that point, collaborate with you to build a transformation roadmap towards a secure and compliant status that will become an organizational asset. Should you need our trusted advisory to monitor your security technology solutions, we offer both Managed and Co-Managed Security Services customized to your environment. 

Experience Remedia Security’s commitment and develop the assurance that we are your Information Security Risk transformation partner from the moment we meet your business. Are you READY? 

CMMC Consulting

CMMC compliance requires an organizational commitment from top to bottom. Executive leadership needs to provide resources and show the importance of good security culture. Employees need to understand their role in the security program and how they contribute to the success of the business. Information Technology departments are no longer the only group responsible for information security.

Remedia Security’s approach to CMMC compliance and security program development uses a cross-functional method to develop a security program that is resilient and can adjust to any compliance framework. We focus on the root objectives to establish and mature security programs.


Remedia Security’s vCISO solution provides a practical and efficient method to achieve cybersecurity and compliance.  Our vCISO Advisors have in-depth knowledge of CMMC, DFARS, and NIST.  We can help mature your cybersecurity program and maintain compliance. 

We provide a customized approach based on your business goals and culture. Our team of experts work with you to develop a strategy that mitigates risk while maturing your information security program.

Managed SIEM & Response

Our Managed SIEM & Response solution provides security and compliance with DFARS and CMMC. We offer both on-premise and cloud based SIEM solutions.

Remedia Security can help your organization deploy and implement our SIEM solution. Our managed response service provides proactive network monitoring to detect, analyze, and report incidents. We also develop an incident response plan with playbooks that is customized to your organization.

Incident Response

Cybersecurity incidents can happen to any organization.  Having a plan to deal with an incident is essential.  Our analysts can help you prepare for a cybersecurity incident and respond to incidents to recover your systems back to normal business operations. 

Remedia Security’s incident response professionals have backgrounds in Fortune 500 companies, intelligence, military, and law enforcement.  They combine their many years of experience and skills to deliver a high level of service required in the current cybersecurity landscape.

Remedia Security can assess the business impact and create a plan to remediate the issue.  Our professionals work with your internal team to resolve the incident quickly.