Managed SIEM & Response

Our Managed SIEM & Response solution provides security and compliance with DFARS and CMMC. We offer both on-premise and cloud based SIEM solutions.

Remedia Security can help your organization deploy and implement our SIEM solution. Our managed response service provides proactive network monitoring to detect, analyze, and report incidents. We also develop an incident response plan with playbooks that is customized to your organization.

Proactively uncover security incidents
Improve the speed of threat response
Reduce investigation time
Identify and remediate gaps in your defenses
Experts directly assigned to your organization
Discover all your IT assets

Deployment method:

  • Assess existing infrastructure to gain an understanding of SIEM needs.
  • Review log types and devices, both on-premises and in cloud.
  • Assist with the on-premises log source on-boarding activities.
  • Create alert rules and playbooks matching remediation capabilities. 
  • Complete initial tuning of alert rules. 
  • Create custom workbooks/dashboards.

Managed Services

  • Continuous fine-tuning of alerts and playbooks.
  • Advanced monitoring of availability and capacity of all log sources (cloud or on-premises).
  • Analyze and triage events to support event resolutions and incident declaration.
  • Track, and document incidents to assist in reporting incidents.
  • Monthly service reviews.
  • Adhoc IoC (indicator-of-compromise) searches.
  • Custom dashboards with relevant security and compliance information.
  • Deployment and management of proprietary alerts and playbooks.

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