CMMC Consulting

Remedia Security’s approach to CMMC compliance and security program development uses a cross-functional method to develop a security program that is resilient and can adjust to any compliance framework. We focus on the root objectives to establish and mature security programs.

Meeting the Business

Our Path to CMMC Compliance solution starts with Meeting the Business. We get to know your mission, strategic goals, and risk appetite. Then we analyze how sensitive data is being accessed and how the data flows through your organization. This allows us to create accurate CUI scoping recommendations that help you make decisions about upgrading or isolating technology. We have found our Meeting the Business engagement saves clients valuable resources by helping to limit the scope of CMMC.

Ready Up Assessment

The next step is the Ready Up Assessment based on our proprietary methodology that allows us to discover any cognitive biases and security culture misalignments preventing your security program from reaching its potential. We assess your organization’s security sentiment and conduct a CMMC Level 2 Security Assessment to discover any gaps in compliance. We provide you with a System Security Plan and Plan of Actions and Milestones that contains a detailed list of remediation recommendations.

CMMC Advisor

Knowing where you’re at in your CMMC compliance journey is only the beginning. Our CMMC Advisor solution was created to provide our clients a service that helps you develop your CMMC program and foster a world-class security culture. We assist with CMMC practice implementation and provide security culture coaching to establish and mature your security program. Our CMMC experts create customized policies and procedures to include an Incident Response Plan that aligns with the CMMC and DFARS 252.204-7012 requirements.

CMMC Assessment Preparation

We then prepare you for the official Certified CMMC Assessment. You now have an operational CMMC program and its time to prove it. We conduct a Gap Assessment to identify any remaining practices that require remediation. Then we start working with you to collect evidence needed to prove compliance and conduct mock interviews to prepare your staff to answer any questions during the assessment. Your organization will walk into the certified assessment confident because you’ll know your program operates based on the security behaviors required to show compliance.

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